P3.91 Stage LED Display

P3.91 stage led display more than 700 projects in 70 countries till now. 6 distributors in USA, UK, Finland, Cambodia, South Africa, and Australia.Supply for Alabama (USA government), Columbia Presidential Conference, Mexico Presidential Election Campaign, Zmirage in Nigeria, Adi.tv in UK

Product Details

P3.91 stage led display smooth surface, well brightness mixed, vivid images, fluent video, wide viewing angle.

  1. High brightness LED lamps and good quality plastic kit

  2. High contrast ratio, outstanding display effect

  3. Light weight, easy to assemble and dismantle

  4. Maintenance can be a single point or single lamp.

  5. Good heat dissipation capability because of the unique design of vent fan

P3.91 stage led display widely used on the outdoor environment , such as hall, TV studio, hotel, theater ,meeting room, school , hospital, gymnasium, advertising, bar and restaurant etc., to display text , graphic, picture and video etc.


Cabinet detail picture:

P3.91 video led display.jpg

P3.91 rental display

P3.91 led display

flight case or wooden case, 6 or 8 pcs P3.91 stage led display cabinets in one flight case.

15~25 working days.


Q1: How to help client choose suitable display?
A1: (1)display conten
(2)visible distance, visual angle.
(3)requirements of cabinet resolution
(4)installation environment
(5)cost control
Q2: What about your technical support?
A2: Proffesional engineers are on standby ,and can offer guidance, site technical support as required.
Q3: What's the warranty of your LED Display Screen?
A3: 1 year warranty, and 100,000 hours life span of the led lamps.
Q4: What's the control system?
A4: For synchronization control: Nova, Linsn Or Colorlight control system.
For asynchronous control: Onbon, or Xixun control system.