VISCOM DüSSELDORF 2019,Our Booth Room Is B43

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Product Details

P5 outdoor mobile led sreen Description

Product Application

1.Outdoor full-color LED large screens are widely used in public places, advertising, urban road networks, urban parking lots, railways, subways and other traffic guidance systems, highways, etc.

2.Using VGA synchronization technology, the large screen content is synchronized with the CRT, and the replacement of the advertising content is simple and convenient; the large screen, super strong vision, high brightness and long life.

3.Rich in color and varied display modes (graphics, text, 3D, 2D animation, TV screen, etc.).

4.The appearance is novel and unique, which can improve the city's scientific and technological level, enrich the cultural life of urban residents, and make it easier for residents to receive.

outdoor mobile led screen

mobile led screen

                                                     parameter name


Module composition

Pixel structure

Surface mount three-in-one LED

Pixel pitch (mm)


LED specification


Display resolution (dots)


Module size (mm)


Single board current (A/Pcs)


Module power consumption (W/Pcs)


Pixel density (pixels/㎡)


Box flatness (mm)


Optical parameter

Single point brightness correction


Single point color correction


Brightness (nits)


Horizontal viewing angle ( °)


Vertical viewing angle ( °)


Luminous point center distance deviation


Brightness uniformity


Chromatic uniformity

±0.003Cx, within Cy

Gray level (bit)


Maximum contrast


Electrical parameter

Peak power consumption (W/㎡)


Power supply requirements (V)


Processing performance

Drive mode

1/8S constant current drive

Frame change frequency (Hz)


Refresh rate (Hz)


Use parameters

Typical life (hrs)


Mean time between failures (hrs)


Operating temperature range (°C)

-20 ~+50

Operating humidity range (RH)


Product function

1. Play a role in product promotion and attract customers.
2. It serves as a store decoration and enhances the role of the company.
3. It plays the role of lighting and unconventional.
4. Play a role in popularizing knowledge. (Small information that can be used to play enterprise products, knowledge of related industries)
5. Play the role of the bulletin board. (promotion, recruitment information release)
6. Play a role in setting off the atmosphere. Through the display screen, you can play the welcome words of the superior leaders and various VIPs to visit and guide, and the celebration words of various major festivals.
7. It acts as a warning and is often used for road traffic LED navigation instructions.