P4.81 Led Screen USA

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As the world's leading developed country, the advertising industry also represents the highest level in the world. According to the American Advertising Association, in 2005, the United States accounted for more than half of the world's advertising spending. The scale of the outdoor advertising market in the United States has reached US $5 billion 800 million per year. The United States is the fastest growing country in the world's advertising industry. For a long time, the total advertising fees in the United States account for about 50% of the total global advertising fees. The United States ranks first in the world in terms of total advertising costs, per capita advertising costs, and the ratio of advertising costs to GDP. The United States accounts for nearly half of the 100 big advertising companies in the world.

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P4.81 led screen usa

 Descriptions of indoor Rental Curved LED Screen:

Indoor rental Curved LED screen mainly use for indoor mobile events, stage background, or other kinds live show. Portable and practical always bring customer convenient and comfortable experience. 


Features of indoor Rental Curved LED Screen:

•Fast assemble & Disassemble.
•High reolution  & High refreshment.

•No Ghosting, no flicker.
•Ultra slim & Light weight.
•Seamless & Flatneess.


Mainly applications of indoor Rental Curved LED Screen:

1 Stage Entertainment: Music shows, concert, bands live shows, gala shows etc.

2 Events: Conference, product launches, exhibitions, fashion shows, weddings., company opening ceremony etc.

3 Rental advertising: Shopping mall, super market, restaurant etc.


Pixel Configuration ( 3in1 SMD )2121
Pixel pitch(mm)4.81
Module dimensions W*H(mm)250*250 
Module pixels  W* H(Pixels)52*52
Cabinet Dimensions W*H(mm)500x500
Pixel density per sqm(Pixels)43222
Cabinet weight(kg)7.55
Driving Type(scan)1/16
Refresh Rate(Hz)≥1920
Horizonta/Vertical Viewing Angle(°) 140/140
 AC Input Operating Voltage(V)   110V/220V±15%
 AC Input Frequency(Hz) 50/60
 Storage Temperature(℃)-40~+60
 Operating Temperature(℃)-10~+40
Storage Humidity/Operating Humidity(RH)10%~90% / 10%~90%
 IP rating (Front/Rear)IP43
 Lifetime Typical Value/MTBF(hrs)100000/10000
Operating systemWindows 2000 / Windows Xp / Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10 and more
Accepting signal with video processorPAL/NTSC/SECAMDVI,HDMI,VGA,SDI,HD-SDI,DP,AV,S-VIDEO
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