P4.81 Led Backdrop Rental

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Product Details

P4.81 led backdrop rental show in ISA International Sign Expo.

The 70th ISA Sign Expo was held at the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Convention and Exhibition Center in Las Vegas. Exhibits are rich in content: including various outdoor marking equipment, spray painting equipment, engraving equipment, various light boxes, neon equipment, LED, LED display screen, a variety of consumables, exhibition equipment, etc., a comprehensive display of new marking technology and products worldwide. The number of exhibitors: 600, including 98 Chinese exhibitors; exhibition scale: 30,000 square meters, 1,823 booths; professional audience: 22,321 people.


Indoor and outdoor advertising production equipment: digital inkjet printing equipment (inkjet printing machine, photo-realistic machine, printer), printing equipment (digital printing machine, screen printing machine, UV flat-panel printer, heat transfer equipment, etc.), engraving machine equipment, cutting machine equipment, pressure gram production equipment (acrylic suction machine), photo-realistic equipment, installation Packing and sealing equipment (laminating machine, seam equipment), three-sided turning equipment, label equipment (engraving machine, bending machine, bending machine), other advertising equipment and accessories.

_Advertising production consumables and materials: spray-painted realistic media (photo paper, light box cloth, body paste, single transmission film, magnetic printing materials, reflective materials, canvas), a variety of sheets (PVC sheet, aluminum plastic sheet, acrylic sheet, PVC foam board), all kinds of ink (ink, ink), strip materials, knives and so on. ?

_Sign system: three-sided and multi-sided flip, a variety of light boxes (rolling light box, changing light box, dynamic light box, EL light box, etc.), signs (wood, metal and other materials), flags, barrier-free marking system, LED advertising light source, LED module, neon lights, resin light, LED strips, LED flexible marking , LED ultra-thin light box and urban landscape lighting.

_Exhibition display technology: display equipment (all kinds of portable exhibition shelves, X-display shelves, pull-net exhibition shelves, easy-to-pull, water-flooding flagpole, newspaper shelves, promotional tables, etc.) LED display screen (including LED splicing screen, soft screen, full-color display screen), electronic information center, interactive image technology, etc.

Other related equipment: hoisting equipment, digital imaging equipment, and other related equipment.

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P4.81 led backdrop rental

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Module Details

Technical specification

Product model

Pixel pitch(mm)


Pixel density(dot/m²)


Pixel color


LED Size / Color

SMD2121 Black

View angle

H:160° V:120°



Scan mode


Control mode


Color depth


Scan freq(Hz)

≥960 Hz

Frame freq(Hz)


Module units size(mm)


Module definition(dot)




Working voltage(V)

AC 220

Average consumption(W/m2)


Max consumption(W/m2)


IP level


Working condition(℃/%RH)


Storage condition(℃/%RH)




life span


P4.81 led rental Cabinet Details

P4.81 led backdrop rental

Led backdrop rental Aluminum Cabinet

Die-casting aluminum cabinet of raw materials using aluminum-margnesium zinc alloy custom is more difficult to deformation, corrosion, heat extended product life.

P4.81 backdrop rental