P4.81 Concert Screen Rental

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Product Details

Warsaw International Advertising Fair Rema Days is held by PTAK WARSAW EXPO every year. It is also a very important platform for enterprises to open up the Polish market. The last Warsaw International Advertising Fair Rema Days attracted 811 exhibitors with 26000 customers. The exhibition was held at Warsaw Convention and Exhibition Center W. Arszawskie Centrum will be held and the exhibition area will reach 25000 square meters.

Range of exhibition:

Printing Advertising, Large-space Printing, Outdoor Advertising, Printing Machinery, CNC, Drawing Machine, Laser, Cutter, Paper Cutter, Folder, Consumable Materials, Network Printing, Other Advertising Materials and Equipment Stage, Lighting, Sound, Pneumatic and Inflatable Structure, Exhibition Stand, Display, Agent: Art, Activity, Model, etc. Gifts, gadgets, calendars, publishing, stationery, digital products, household goods, office equipment and other mobile applications, e-commerce solutions, computer graphics and other publicity clothing, enterprise clothing, work clothes, accessories, packaging, tableware, catering, etc.

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P4.81 concert screen rental

China factory wholesale full colour indoor  P4.81 Concert Screen Rental


concert screen rental



 Pixel Configuration


 Pixel pitch (mm)


 Pixel matrix per cabinet


 Pixel density (pixelsm)


 Cabinet Dimensions(L*W) mm


 Module Dimensions(L*W) mm


 Panel material

 Die-casting aluminum

 Cabinet weight (kg)


 Colour grayscale (bit)


 Gray  scale per colour (level)


 Refresh rate (hz)


 Driving type


Signal transmission distance (m)

 cats   cable:<100m   
    single mode fiber:<10km

 Brightness (nit)


 Optimal horizontal viewing angle   (degree)


 Optimal vertical  viewing   angle (degree


 Ac input voltage (v)


 Ac input frequency (hz)


 Ac input power maximum value   (w/sqm)


 Ac input power typical value   (w/sqm)


 Storage temperature (℃)


 Work temperature (℃)


 IP rating (front/rear)


 Storage humidity (rh)

 10%-90% non -condensing

 Working humidity (rh)

 10%-90% non-condersing

 Lifetime Typical value (hrs)


 Flightcase assembyl

 6pcs in one flightcase

P4.81 concert screen

P4.81 screen rental

P4.81 concert screen