P3 Rental Led Display Screen Wall

P3 Rental Led Display Screen Wall

P3 Indoor Aluminum Led Cabinet Rental flexible led Display Product Description Hot Sale P3 LED Display/ LED Sign with 576mm*576mm 1) It is extremely easy to calculate the area of LED screen because it is consist of 576*576mm cabinet. 2) 16 bit color, 65536 gray scale, refresh rate over 1920 HZ/S

Product Details

P3 Indoor Aluminum Led Cabinet Rental  led Display screen wall
Product Description
Hot Sale P3 LED Display/ LED Sign with 576mm*576mm

1) It is extremely easy to calculate the area of LED screen because it is consist of 576*576mm cabinet.

2) 16 bit color, 65536 gray scale, refresh rate over 1920HZ/S so the video or images on the LED screen are very vivid and fresh. People who see it will get shocked by this amazing viewing experience.

3) The appearance is very elegant, it looks very high end. Quality is very stable

4) It is die-casting aluminum cabinet, very strong and precision is very high, tolerance can be controlled in 0.1mm so the surface is very smooth, almost no gap between cabinets

5) The side locks is spring locks, this is unique among all die-casting aluminum cabinets, especially popular in European market and North American market

6) With power and signal connectors, Neutrik or Seetronic brand, very easy to install and dismantle

7) High contrast rate up to 5000:1 by using black LED

8) The new structure design enables diversified installation to meet the hanging-up and stacking requirements.

9) Due to the light weight and low power consumption, it can reduces the labor cost,operating cost and transportation cost

10). Good thermal design, excellent heat dissipation even no fan installation,

11) The same cabinet size can be compatible with different pixel pitches such as P3/P6.If you want to update the product, you only need to change the module.

12).It is low noise, can be installed in office and meeting room.

P3 indoor led wall specification

Pixel Pitch3mm
Pixel Configuration1R1G1B
LED TypeSMD2020 or SMD2121
Module Size192mm x 192mm
Module Resolution64dots x 64dots
Module Weight0.4 KG
Grey Scale16 bit
Refresh Rate>1920Hz
Scan Type1/16 Scan
Brightness1400cd/m2 or 1400 nits
Viewing Angle(Horizontal/Vertical)140/140 degree
AC Input Voltage110-240V
AC Input Frequency50/60 Hz
Power Consumption(Max./Ave.)1000/300W/m2
Storage Temperature-40 ~ +60 degree
Operation Temperature-40 ~ + 40 degree
IP RatingIP31
Lifetime at 50% brightness100,000 hours
Control Distance    CAT5 cable:<100 m; Single mode fiber:<10 km
Signal Input Format               AV, S-Video, VGA, DVI, YPbPr, HDMI, SDI  
 Operating system  Windows (2000/XP/Vista/7)  
 Control SystemNova/Linsn/XIXUN/LUMEN

P3 indoor led wall project:

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