P3 Led Wall Screen

P3 Led Wall Screen

680~730USD/SQM p3 led wall screen,led wall screen,P3 led wall is more popular in Bergen,Fjell,Vossevangen,Ulvik,Kinsarvik,also most of citry in Norway(Norge).

Product Details

P3 led wall screen detail information

Features of Big Advertising Billboard P3 Led Wall Screen: 

1.High quality LED chip and high anti-static electricity capacity.  

2.Large viewing angle and smooth displaying provide excellent visual effect from every angle. 

3.The integration of lamp and driving IC,together with with the multi-circuit structure,achievs evenly-distributed current,low power consumption and fast heat dissipation.  

4.Ultra high brightness,low attenuation,high reliability and weather ability.  

5.High contrast ratio.Adopting black lamps can improve the contrast ratio by 50%.  

6.High refresh rate,high gray scale,ghost-canceling,low power consumption,low EMI,anti-creeping,multi-route redundancy backup-supporting,and dot-by-dot-calibration. 


Application scopes of Big Advertising Billboard P3 Led Wall Screen: Widely applied to traffic information distribution of station, quay and airport, conference, shoppingmall, brand presentantion, TVstation, stageshow, concert and so on. 


Parameter of Big Advertising Billboard P3 Led Wall Screen:

Pixel Pitch


Module Resolution(W*H)


Pixel Configuration

1R1G1B(3 in 1)

LED Encapsulation

Black SMD 2121

Pixel Density

111111Pixel /m2

Driving Method

1/20 Scan

Refresh Frequency


Driver IC

Special constant current IC with high refresh rate & high gray scale

Grey Scale

14Bit(depending on the system and IC configuration)

Cabinet Size


White balance Brightness

≥800cd/ m2

Color Temperature


Viewing Angle

Horizontal 140°Vetical 120°

Optimal Viewing Distance


Working Voltage

AC 220V/110V±10%

Module voltage


Max Power Consumption


Avg. Power Consumption



50000  hours

Operating Temperature

–10~ 65

Net weight


 P3 led wall Module 192x192

P3 led wallP3 led wallP3 led wall