P3 Led Display Screen Rental

P3 Led Display Screen Rental

680~720USD/SQM p3 led display screen rental,led display screen rental,P3 screen rental is so popular in Askvoll,Leikanger,Skei,Breheimen,Loen,also most of citry in Norway(Norge).

Product Details

Screen cabinet picture

P3 Led Display Screen Rental

led display screen rental


1. Light and slim cabinet allows quick build screen in short time.

2. Die-cast aluminum molding technology produces high precision and rigid cabinet. It can ensure the whole screen in good uniformity.

3. Cabinet size is 576*576mm,unit cabinet weighs 8 kgs. It's ideal for rental installation occasions which require small manpower and quick set up.

P3 screen rental specification:

Pixel Pitch3mm
Pixel composing1R1G1B
Density111111 dots/m2
module resolution64 dots* 32 dots
Module size192mm * 96mm
Standard cabinet size576mm*576mm or design
Weight per sqm35 Kg/sqm
Whiteness brightness1400cd/sqm
Led packageSMD 3in1
Wave Angle (H)140°(H)/120°(V)
Best view distance3m
Working voltageAC 220v/380v±10%50~60Hz
Power consumption/ m2240W/sqm
Short circuit protectionYes
Refresh1000 Hz
Changing frame frequency60 Hz
Driving methodConstant driving ,1/16scan
Working EnvironmentIndoor
Working temperature-30~50°C
Working Humidity-10~90%
Out of control1/10,000 ( scattered)
lifetime100,000 hours

Our Services

1).Price: we have the best competitive High Cost-effective of Price/ features.

2).Automatic: from selecting led chip, led encapsulation, PCB soldering, led module, the operated by automatic machine to improve showing effect of led screen

3).Quality: from material to product finished, from design to produce, all steps are controlled by our workshop, that’s the guarantee of the reliability.

4).Service: all the life time 11 years is serviced free, warranty is up to 1-2 years, service time is 24 hours ×7days,

5).Payment: accept: T/T, L/C, D/P, D/A, Western union, cash.

*Products list and application area:

a: outdoor full color led display: equally or compactly make the red, green, blue color in one dot, equally distribute at the panel, so make the whole led panel, led module, led display.

b: apply for physical sports, advertisement, bank, stock exchange, station, port, supermarket, telecommunication, school, monitor, restaurant, entertainment, etc.