P3.91 Video Screen

23rd Graphic Expo 2018 SMX manila Phillippines,DHX company showed P5 outdoor rental led display,also P3 indoor led display in this exhibition.

Product Details

P3.91 video screen

23rd Graphic Expo 2018 locate in SMX manila Phillippines.

[market overview]

Philippines has an irregular coastline of 10850 legal miles, two times that of the continental United States. Such irregular coastline has created many good harbors. The Gulf of Manila is one of the world's natural harbours. The Philippines is 1,000 km long from north to south, bordering Taiwan and China, Japan and the Korean Peninsula to the north, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and India to the west, the Pacific Ocean to the east, the South and South-West across the sea from Indonesia and Malaysia, and the bridge between the two continents of Asia and Oceania and the Pacific Oceania and between East and South Asia. Geographical location is of strategic importance.

Philippines's advertising spending ranks second in Southeast Asia. According to the Philippine Business Mirror, Nielsen's latest quarterly advertising index for Southeast Asia shows that despite its limited economic growth over the past three months, its advertising spending has increased by 15%, reaching $1.2 billion, ranking second in Southeast Asia. The number one is Indonesia, and advertising costs $2 billion 110 million. Advertising spending in Southeast Asia is 5 billion 30 million US dollars, up 15.6% over the same period last year. Nielsen believes that high advertising spending and strong consumer confidence in countries such as the Philippines and Indonesia reflect their economies'ability to withstand external shocks.

[scope of exhibits]

Advertising equipment: jet printer, photo machine, laser machine, acrylic, engraving machine, engraving machine, cutting machine, banner machine, digital screen printing machine, etc.

Advertising consumables: light box cloth, ink, reflective materials, body stickers, single transparent, self-adhesive, photographic paper, silk printing consumables, advertising board, etc.

Exhibition and display equipment: exhibition rack, showcase, portable exhibition tools, standing cards, light boxes, etc.

Outdoor advertising: three sides, logo, advertising car, advertising flag, etc.

LED:LED display, luminous body, luminous character, point light source, neon lamp, etc.

Other: dye sublimation, garment decoration process, ink, paper, vinyl and printing substrate, lamination and surface finishing, etc.

Our company attend more exhibition,for more information about it,please check as below:

P3.91 video screen

P3.91 video screen 

P3.91 indoor led display is one of the widely used led display in the 
market now, usually applied in commercial ads, stadium, stage rental......


1. High definition

2. only 5kg light weight

3. IP65 protection

4. front maintenance design

5. high cost performance, 30% cheaper.


Indoor/Outdoor P3.91 led screen
 Physical parameters:
 Pixel pitch:  P3.91
 Physical density:  65410 dots/m2 
 Led packing:  SMD2121/SMD1921
 LED composition:  1R1G1B
 Cabinet size:  500x500mm/500x1000mm
 Caninet weight:  5 kg/10kg
 Cabinet material:  Die-casting aluminum
 Optoelectronic parameters:
 AC operation voltage:  100~120V/220~240V
 Scan:  1/16S
 Brightness:  indoor 1000cd/m2 ,outdoor cd/m2
 Gray level:   14 bit
 View distance:  3~30m
 View angle:  140 degree horizon/vertical
 Refresh rate:  ≥1920
 Life span:  100,000h
 Frame frequency:  ≥60Hz
 IP rate:  indoor IP30/outdoor IP65

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