Outdoor P5 Led Display Rental

Outdoor P5 Led Display Rental

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Product Details

Outdoor P5 led display rental 

Item Specification
Material Die casting aluminum
Color pending
Size 640x640mm
Resolution  rate 80*80
Module  quantity 2*4
Density 15,625dots/m2
White  balance  luminance 6500cd/m2
Color  temperature 6500-9300K
Horizontal  view  angel 140
Vertical  view  angel 120
Protection  grade Before/after:   IP67/IP65
Non-Flatness < 1mm
Module  interval < 1mm
Weight 32kg/m2
Maximal  power/m2 1000W
Frame  frequency ≥ 60Hz/s
Refresh  frequency 2000-3000Hz
Gray  grade 1073741824
Luminance  adjusted 256  grade  by  auto-optic/color  & 8  grade  by  hand 
Input  signal RF, S-video, RGB, RGBHV, YUV, YC& Composition, etc
Control  system PCTV  non-linear  editing  card  +  DVI  display  card  +  main  
controller  card  +  optic  fiber  transmisson(Optional) 
MTBF > 5000h
Life-span > 100,000h
Speckles  rate < 0.0001


led sign rentaldisplay screen

outdoor video screen

led sign rental P5 Features:

*Ultra-Thin,Utral-Light,Portable,Seamless connection for big size led display
*Fast assemble and dissemble.
*High refresh rate up to 1920Hz,smooth and vivid video and image display,remove ghost without tail.
*Excellent heat dissipation,keep the lifespan of led display.
*Wider view angle,soft image,excellent uniformatity.

Cabinets of LED Display 640X640MM:

outdoor video screen

P5 outdoor video screen case:

Outdoor P5 led display rental.jpg