Jumbo Outdoor P3.91 Screen Rental

Jumbo Outdoor P3.91 Screen Rental

Jumbo outdoor P3.91 screen rental,jumbo screen rental,video display screen,event screen 1. The first level LED chip from Taiwan Epistar 2. With pure golden wire connection in LED 3. Grand A row material for module frame and mask 4. 4 layers PCB and copper plating thickness > 18mil 5. Stainless steel screws when assembly

Product Details

Jumbo outdoor P3.91 screen rental

Outdoor jumbo screen rental  P3.91 500*500mm die cast aluminum led display screen SMD1921

Module Size250mm*250mm
Pixel Pitch3.91mm
Driving Method1/16 scan
Module PortHUB75
Module Consumption20W
Viewing Angle140/140 degree
Option Distance4~50m
LED EncapsuulationSMD1921(Black)
Maximun Power950W/sqm
Frame Frequency≥60HZ
Refresh Frequency≥1080HZ
Working Environment

Temperature -20℃~50℃

Humidity 10%~70%

Gray scale/color

≥16.7M color

Display Working Voltage


Cabinet Dimension


Cabinet Weight


Cainet Usage

Outdoor rental

Effective Communication Distance

Net cable 100m, MMF 500m,SMF 5km

Application areas: Street show, outdoor wedding, concert, music show, shopping mall advertising, etc.

Humanized brightness adjustment

The external sensor can adapt to the environment, and its playback quality will not be affected by ambient light.

Single point of brightness and color temperature correction technology

Guarantee of good consistency of display screen. Single point correction technology is the core of LED display technology, it allows hundreds of thousands of LED lights on the same panel to glow uniformly, making the screen brightness and color temperature highly unified.

Ultra high refresh rate

Intake five black screen picture stability without ripples, dealing with the dynamic display screen, and the image edge is clear. With good dynamic performance, the image information is restored accurately, make the video screen clear fluid, bring good visual enjoyment.video display screen

video display screen

Outdoor P3.91 video display screen sase:

video display screen

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