Indoor P2.5 Led Wall Panel

Indoor P2.5 Led Wall Panel

Indoor P2.5 led wall panel hot sell in European market,we have more client come from Europe.

Product Details

Indoor P2.5 Led Wall Panel Die cast aluminum cabinet:

Indoor P2.5 led wall panel

scanning method
Pixel density(cb/m2)
Best viewing distance (m)
Full-screen power consumption (W/m2)
Cell board size (mm)
Module pixel
Point spacing (mm)
Module weight (kg)

P2.5 indoor led wall describe:

seamless splicing

High density and small pitch LED seamless display screen,According to the scene enviroment,reach and size,arbitrary direction,arbitrary shape! Truly experince high-definition,exquisite, clear and smooth visual effects, single-point correction, chroma correction, linearity correction, grayscale correction, fast dynamic compensation, and ultra-high refresh frequency characteristics to meet your requirements for display products.


On-site brightness environment, acquisition and mid-range display brightness, system interaction control, and intelligent adjustment of brightness and the environment. Will not be affected by the scene of the light on the screen, the screen is still true and natural, colorful!

Color reprodution

Using advanced RGB reduction and point-by-point correction technology, complete color reproduction features, suitable for the human eye to the feeling of color habits, the true reduction of natural colors.

Power control

     The unique high-efficiency light-emitting chip and energy-saving drive control fundamentally solve the peak power consumption of the product. Real-time dynamic electricity consumption technology greatly saves power consumption in continuous use.

P2.5 led wall panel information:

Indoor P2.5 Led Wall Panel
Brightness (cb/m2)
Maximum current (A)
Lamp type
Visual angle (゚)
Level: 140 inches, vertical 130 inches
Decay rate (working 3 years)
Average time between failures
>1 million hours
Blind spot rate
<0.0003 factory is 0
Refresh rate (hz)
Gray level (Bit)
14-16 adjustable

Screen pictures:

led wall panel

indoor led wall