Full Color P2.5 Led Display Wall

Full Color P2.5 Led Display Wall

Full color P2.5 led display wall

Product Details

P2.5 led display wall description

1)High precision die-casting aluminum cabinet design for 2K / 4K standard size screen, compatible with P1.875/ P1.935/ P2/ P2.4/ P2.5. Module magnet installation by front maintenance design.


2)Standard 240 x 180mm module size with 4: 3 scale, low current & heat, high contrast, high brightness, refresh 3840Hz, true 16bit gray level.


3)With pure black 1515 led, perfect color consistency,dot to dot matching 1920 x 1080/3840 x 2160 2K/4K resolution for the best display result.


4)Use TG (170 ℃) immersion golden S1000-2 substrate to ensure that no deformation of PCB board. 


5)High quality thermal conductivity material for cabinet back, excellent ventilated design for heat dissipation, improving the stability and lifespan of screen.


6)1515 High standard Pure black led, color contrast ratio reach to 9000:1, True 16bit gray scale, surface emitting with big view angle ensures the best color performance.


7)There is no reflection under strong light for pure black led, to get the best display result in different environments.


8)100% new material plastic shell, Japanese original patent glue, long lifespan, failure rate <10PPM.


9)Pure black led, color contrast ratio reach to 9000:1, much higher than 5000:1 dark black led and 3000:1 normal black led.


10)Pure black led is able to show better detail and exquisite picture than dark black led and normal black led.

Full color P2.5 led display wall

Full Color P2.5 Led Display Wall Specification
P2.5 led display wall Technical Specification
Pixel pitch: 2.5mm
Pixel configuration: 1R1G1B
Brightness: Red: 1000mcd Green: 2300mcd Blue: 600mcd
Wave length: Red: 625±2nm Green: 525±2nm Blue: 470±2nm
Module resolution: 64x64 pixels
Module size: 160mmx160mm
Cabinet size: 480mm×480mm×75mm
Cabinet resolution: 32768 pixels
Cabinet material: Die-casting Aluminum
Gross weight: 7kg
Module quantity: 9 pcs= 3(w) x 3(h)
Power consumption : Max.:900W/m² Everage: 400W/m²
Drive method: 1/16 scanning
Brightness: 2200cd/m²
IC driver: MBI 5020
Density: 65410 pixel/m²
Whole display flatness: ≤ 1mm juncture
Best view distance: ≥ 2.5m
Viewing angle: Horizontal: 120° Vertical: 60°
Humidity(RH): ≤ 90~95%
Working temperature: from -30°C to +60°C
Working voltage: AC220V/110V±10%
Refresh frequency: 2400Hz(Zdec) ≥ 300Hz(Linsn)
Frame rate: ≥ 60Hz
Protection grade: IP43
MTBF: More than 10000hrs
Life time: 100,000 hrs
Control system
Control system: Linsn
Signal interface: DVI
Communication distance: Internet cable: ≤120m / Fiber cable: 1000m
Systems operating platforms : XP,WINDOWS(WIN95,WIN98,WIN2000)

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 led display wallP2.5 led display wall