P8 Full Color Outside TV Screen

P8 full color outside TV Screen becoming more and more popular in the market for large size advertising. it can show very clear commercial commercial advertisement than P10. It helps you win more opportunities to get clients to advertise their goods on your LED screen when they see information on it is so attractive . Certainly if you want lower cost solution, you can choose P10 if you have limitation in budget.

Product Details

P8 full color outside TV Screen Feature:

1.module design:to raise the system more stability and reliability.

2.The advanced,distributed and progressive scanning.Display parts use scan control technology to be divided into different units and scanned independently,the signals of each units can be controlled synchronization.

3.The communication interface technology that designed elaborated

4.software design is novel:with windows and friendly interface.

5.with excellent vision:adopt import LED chip to show screen with brightness,bright-color.big visual angle,longevity,stable and respond quickly.

6.easy installation:the display is combined with unit PCB and cabinet.It can be installed with arbitrary size according to customers' demand and application

P8 full color outdoor TV screen advanced Control Technolog:

♦Long lifetime: Adopting high quality LED lamps as core material and patent PCB design for the screen, it essentially ensures long lifetime fo the product.

♦Wide view angle: Highly wavelength consistency of LED lamp and 120°horizontal and vertical view angles guarantee viewers can see the playing miages from any direction in front.

♦Stable performanve:we make a spceial treatment of anti-electromagnetic wave and adopt distribution scan and modular design for the screen and it works more reliable and stables.

♦Exquisite images:Nonlinearity correction technology makes the images exquisite clear, video images vivid and fidelity.

♦Excellent flatness:percision design of module frame parts controls the deviation of beighbouring modules within 0.1mm and it has an excellent flatness without mosaic..

♦High contrast:consistend deep black patent masks and black face lamps make the contrast higher and the color fresher.

♦Live broadcast:It can support DVI,HDMI, 3G/HD/SC with SDI high definition display mode, suit for TV programes VCDprogrames, DVDprogrames and live broadcasting indoor.

♦Easy installation:Modular design makes the installation and maintance easier.

♦Good material:Adopting same levels of imported LED chips from taiwan, USA or Japan, high quality driving IC, low nosie power supply, which can guarantee the screen works mooth in the environment of -20 degree to 40degree.

♦Multiple formarts :Customers can choose any one of display formats for the screen, it can supports TXT, graphoc, picture animation and video programe.

♦Lacquer coating:Lacquer coasting can protect the PCB and relevant components from erosion of environment, it has the good resistance performance of low and high temperature, and excellent features of insulation, moisture proof, anti-creeping ,dustprrof,anti-corrosin.

♦High shockproof performance:The cabinets must be tested for shockprrof performance before shipment to avoid poor contact because of loose of screws and disconnection of cables after ling line -haul.

p8 outdoor advertising waterproof led screen tv outside led screenp8 outdoor advertising waterproof led screen tv outside led screen

Product Parameters


P8 full color outside TV Screen

Model Number


Pixel Pitch


Pixel Density(dots/m²)


Pixel Configuration


LED Type

DIP 246

Module size(mm)


Module Resolution(dots)


Min.Viewing Distance(m)




Viewing Angle(degree)


Average Power Consumption(w/m²)


Scan Mode


Protection Level


Cabinet Size(mm)


Color Temperature

The brightness of R.G.B.is adjustable according to software 100level;Color temperature is adjustable in terms of detailed requirements

Input Voltage

AC220 V/50HZ or AC 110V/60HZ

Refresh Rate

LED screen refresh frame frequency recommended is no less than 1200HZ(recommended)


64g color(on the condition of 4096 gray scale)

Horizontal/Vertical viewing angle


Gray Scale

Recommended 14BIT

Effective Communication Distance(without relay)

Unshielded twisted-pair net line transmission distance is 100 meters,max transmission distance is 130 meters.

our advantage

1. Perfect Display Effect
----- High brightness,high refresh rate, large viewing angle and clearly display effect with easy use control system;Aluminum alloy material both for fixed installation and hanging rental.
2. Attractive Factory Price
----- We are a professional manufacturer, has its own factories and production lines. Our price is more competitive, quality is more reliable.

3. Technology Training

----- 1. We provide the technology training for free, which contains the operation training and maintenance training in the factory.
----- 2. We will send our engineers to your country by negatiation.

4. CAD Drawing and Fixing
----- 1. We provide CAD drawing on how to fix up the display for free and some other expert suggestion.
----- 2. We will send our engineers to your place if we are expected after our negotiation.

5. Warranty policy
----- 1. All products and accessories have been tested before ship out.
----- 2. All products have 1~3 years warranty.

6. Good After-sales Service
----- We offer free technical guidance. We have a professional service team; All the Questions about our product will be replied within 24 hours.