outdoor LED signs

Model: P10-outdoor fixed-32x16 · High definition · Leading display board control technology · Energy saving · Module Size: 320*160mm · Cabinet Size: customized · Variety in use Feature&Advantages 1. Advanced technology: 1) Combine with grey level code technology, brightness control...

Product Details

Model: P10-outdoor fixed-32x16P10 outdoor .jpg

·High definition

·Leading display board control technology

·Energy saving

·Module Size: 320*160mm

·Cabinet Size: customized

·Variety in use


1.Advanced technology:

1)Combine with grey level code technology, brightness control technology and nonlinearly rectifying technology together.

2)With high solution and high contrast design, make it display more dynamically and vividly.

2.Long lifespan and maintenance: be able to last more than 100,000 hours usage.

3.Environmental friendly: LED products are consumed much less power and other natural resources than normal clear lights.

P10 .jpg

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