Outdoor Full Color P8 LED Screen

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Outdoor full color P8 led screen Detail information:

Outdoor Full Color P8 Led Screen(LED)

1.Anti-static> 5000V, high temperature> 300 ℃, 14mil LED chip;
2.1.2mil pure gold wire, special copper bracket (Quick heat dissipation, excellent solderability);
3. International advanced production sub-standard to ensure that the LED color, brightness consistency, and a strong anti-attenuation characteristics.

Outdoor Full Color P8 Led Screen(Screen)

1. Cabinet uses high temperature spraying technology to improve the anti-rust function greatly.

2. The flatness of module erection side is controlled within 0.2mm, so as to ensure the flatness of the whole led display.

3. Good uniformity in color solves the problem of mosaic well.

4. Utilization rate of power supply is improved a lot, reducing the failure rate of power suplly.

5. Using high quality silicon gel in the front and waterproof rubber in the rear to improve the IP rating of LED Display.

6. Applied to all kinds of severe environment outside because of its high reliability, high brightness and high performance on water proof and dust proof beyond IP65.

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Modue Size: 256mmx128mm

Modue Size: 320mmx160mm

Modue S ize: 192mmx192mm

Modue Size: 320mmx160mm

Cabinet Size: 1024mmx1024mm

Cabinet Size: 960mmx960mm

Cabinet Size: 960mmx960mm

Cabinet Size: 960mmx960mm

Pixel Density: 62,500dots

Pixel Density: 40,000dots

Pixel Density: 27,777dots

Pixel Density: 10,000dots

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