The Basic Structure And Working Principle Of LED Display

- Aug 18, 2017-

Basic composition

1. Asynchronous screen: generally by the display unit board (module), the screen card, switching power supply, HUB board (optional) composition. Through the serial line with the computer connection, the display text changes, and then can be off the computer work.

2. Synchronous screen: Synchronous screen system is more complex, the system can be small, generally by the computer, DVI graphics card, data transmission card, synchronous data receiving card, HUB board, network cable, LED display and other components. The system always needs the online computer to work, the computer image text display on the LED big screen.

LED display works mainly from two aspects to analyze the LED electronic display works:

1. LED display system components The system consists of computer-specific equipment, display screen, video input port and system software and other components. Computer and special equipment: computer and special equipment directly determines the function of the system, according to the user's different requirements of the system to choose a different type. Display screen: The control circuit of the display receives the display signal from the computer, drives the LED to generate the screen, and outputs the sound by increasing the power amplifier and speaker. Video input port, providing video input port, the signal source can be a video recorder, DVD player, camera and so on.

2. LED display system function The system has the following functions: the computer for the control center, electronic screen and computer monitor (VGA) window a point-by-point correspondence, real-time display content synchronization, screen mapping location adjustable, To select the size of the display screen.