SMD Outdoor P4.81 Jumbo Screen Rental

- Mar 10, 2018-

SMD outdoor P4.81 jumbo screen rental

1. Wide Application: Stage rental events, entertainment, indoor and outdoor environment.

2. Light Weight: Using aluminum profile material, the cabinet weight is only 7kg.

3. High Contrast Ratio: novel design of mask,contrast ratio can reach 2200:1.

4. Quiet: Direct current fan only has little noise.

5. Thin: the thickest part of cabinet is only 60mm.

6. High Precision: each cabinet of precision deviation <0.5mm.

7. High Refreshing: Usually 2500Hz by MBI IC,but it can reach higher refresh rate if use better IC.

8. Convenient and Fast Installation.

SMD outdoor P4.81 jumbo screen rental Detail led parameters:

outdoor display screens.jpg

led screen rental.jpg


★ integrating locking mechanism

★ Quick installation

★ Fast connector

★ No Cables between modules an HUB plate

Led display Control system connection Diagram:

control system.jpg

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