P4.81 Led Wall Rental

- Mar 10, 2018-

Product Details

SMD P4.81 Indoor Rental Video Display Product Features


P4.81 indoor rental led display,the aluminum die-casting technology makes the single cabinet as light as 8kg, which is convenient for assembly and transportation. Are you planning to move the display after some timer? Make it a rental display!

Seamless connection

SMD indoor led display,the aluminum die-casting will have less tolerance , the precision reach ±0.05m so as to achieve seamless assembly. Stronger and better looking compared to normal cabinets.

Modular and easy to maintain

Display on tent,there is almost no more ribbon cables for the cabinet and module. Everything connected straight on the PCB hub. Less cables means less possible problems. And no need to disassemble the whole screen for maintenance. Each component can be detached individually for that purpose.

High brightness

For our SMD P4.81 indoor rental video display series (P3, P3.9, P4.8, p5), brightness: approx 2000cd/m² ~ 3000cd/m² (Standard Adjusted). The higher brightness than conventionally spliced screens make the picture more colorful and vivid even in bright environments.

 High refresh rate

Rental display,the driving is using the new Taiwan technology for high performance. The chips can generate a speed of > 3840Hz refresh rate to ensure the picture wrinkle-less, line-less and stable.

No ghost effect

It is because we use the highest technology of driving chips that also will improve the ghost effect. Ghost effect gives a bad results on led display screens and now be eliminated.

Product Description

  Model Number


  Pixel Pitch


  Pixel Density(dots/m2)


  Pixel Configuration

  3 IN 1

  LED Type


  Module size(mm)


  Module Resolution(dots)


  Min.Viewing Distance(m)




  Viewing Angle(degree)


  Average Power Consumption(w/m2)


  Scan Mode


  Protection Level


  Iron Cabinet Size(mm)


  Color Temperature

  adjustable according to software 100level

  Refresh Rate



  64g color(on the condition of 4096 gray scale)

  Gray Scale

  Recommended 14BIT



  Environment Temperature

  Storage:—40°C+85°COperation:-20 °C~+45°C

  Blind Spot Rate


  Control Mode

  Video frequency synchronization

  Cabinet Material

   Die casting Aluminum