P3.91 Outdoor Large Outdoor Screen Hire

- Mar 10, 2018-

P3.91 outdoor large outdoor screen hire Product Details

led display screen.jpgModel: P3.91 outdoor large outdoor screen hire

Model: P3.91-SMD2121-64x64

· Brightness:≥5000CD/㎡

· Power consumption:50W

· Resoltuion:65,536pixel/sqm

· Module Size: 250mm*250mm 

· Cabinet Size: 500mm*500mm

· High Resolution, good performance.

P3.91 outdoor large outdoor screen hire Feature:

1. High quality LED chip and high anti-static electricity capacity.  
2. Large viewing angle and smooth displaying provide excellent visual effect from every angle. 
3. The integration of lamp and driving IC,together with with the multi-circuit structure,achievs evenly-distributed current,low power consumption and fast heat dissipation.  
4. Ultra high brightness,low attenuation,high reliability and weather ability. 
5. High contrast ratio.Adopting black lamps can improve the contrast ratio by 50%.  
6. High refresh rate,high gray scale,ghost-canceling,low power consumption,low EMI,anti-creeping,multi-route redundancy backup-supporting,and dot-by-dot-calibration.

outdoor video display screens.jpgcustom led signs outdoor.jpg

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