Outdoor Concert Display

- Apr 09, 2018-

Rental led display for concert are the lightweight and super thin led display screens, which are very suitable for video rental businesses and large square applications. Jointed correctly, easy to install and dismount, simple structures are the main features of the screens. The unit size of the screens are 500mm*1000mm*65mm, while the weight is only 13kg/panel. An  are suggested to install on entertainment areas, such as, TV stages and clubs. The video performance of the Tetrisseries screens are brilliant, pretty clear, real.Tetris is the best choice for creative designing company to achieve large square video show.

Product Features:

1. Lightweight. Convenient in transporting and installing & saving labor cost, suitable for flow shows.

2. Nice appearance and simple structures.

3. Jointed correctly, being installed & dismounted by one person without tool.

4. Humanized operating interface with breakdown indicator lights, easy to maintain.

5. High debugging brightness and no damage to gray scale, achieving the debugging technology for nice image.

Technical Parameters

Outdoor P6 led screen
 Physical parameters:
 Pixel pitch P6
 Physical density 27777 dots/m2 
 Led packing SMD3535/3528
 LED composition 1R1G1B
 Cabinet size 576x576mm/960x960mm
 Caninet weight 7.5kg/28kg
 Cabinet material Die-casting aluminum/Iron 
 Optoelectronic parameters
 AC operation voltage 100~120V/220~240V
 Scan 1/8 S;1/16S
 Brightness indoor 860cd/m2;outdoor 5500cd/m2
 Gray level 14 bit
 View distance 6~50m
 View angle 140 degree horizon/vertical
 Refresh rate ≥1920
 Life span 100,000h
 Frame frequency ≥60Hz
 IP rate outdoor IP65

Market positioning and target customer groups 

Market positioning :

Meet the needs of indoor and outdoor high definition rental customers and high-end stage rental products

Customer groups:

For stage rental, stage concerts and stage equipment rental company

Module picture

P6 Outdoor Rental LED Display for ConcertOutdoor concert display


Cabinet picture

outdoor concert screen

Rental LED Display for Concert