LED Large Screen Display Chip Crystal Is What Role

- Aug 18, 2017-

Patch crystal may make a lot of people will feel more strange, usually we are rare or even heard, do not know, because it is placed inside the product for the product to provide a stable frequency of a small electronic components, of course, although seemingly though Small but the meaning is big.We may be puzzled. Xiao Bian as a engaged in the crystal industry for many years clerk, then for everyone to do a detailed explanation of it. Crystal (English name: crystal) can become crystal, while SMDcrystal (SMDcrystal) can also be called patch crystal, mainly for the product to provide a stable frequency, any electronic products, only have a stable frequency, the product can be able to maintain normal operation, if the product inside the crystal does not work, May lead to the entire product can not boot or can not run the serious consequences of the crystal work is mainly the use of piezoelectric effect, so that the crystal with a voltage for the product to provide frequency, in order to make the product normal operation. LED display manufacturers

 LED display which needs to be applied to 32.768K cylindrical crystal and a quartz patch crystal .32.768K which is mainly played a role in the display, 32.768K is a crystal frequency, of course, this frequency is also known as the "table Crystal "is mainly the role of time display, usually used in all products related to the time system. SMD crystal is mainly for the product to provide a stable frequency of the role. So that the strong LED is inseparable from the crystal support.