LED Display Using A Few Common Errors

- Aug 18, 2017-

Chroma correction is not equal to chroma uniformity correction, chroma correction of the application is more color gamut space conversion. Under normal circumstances, the brightness correction, the display of light uniformity can reach a very high level, plus color gamut space correction, the display color fidelity can reach a very high level, the following to introduce the next Chroma correction and chroma uniformity correction:

1, chroma correction: to meet customer demand for display color gamut space: the display color gamut space correction to the customer specified color space. Enhance the color fidelity of the display, the color reproduction is more realistic: the display color gamut space correction to the standard color space.

2, the degree of color uniformity correction: color separation machine for the separation of the accuracy and stability is better, coupled with the effective mixed light mixed crystal process, chromaticity uniformity correction of the application is quite limited, clean up the inventory To mix very small and scattered wavelengths on a screen. At this point chroma uniformity correction is the only choice. Due to errors in the production process, the different wavelengths of light / chip mixed together, used in the same screen. The chromaticity uniformity correction can be used as a final remedy.

LED display software is not free, point-by-point correction does not require the use of dedicated driver chip: as long as the control system support, universal driver chip can also achieve point by point correction!

LED electronic display gray scale: as double color and full color display gray scale is an important indicator. Currently on the market is full of many 16 and 64 gray-scale display posing as 256 gray. Its control costs only 256 gray-scale control of 1/5. The easiest way is to play a more intense sports scene of the VCD to see if the LED electronic display can see clearly.

Point correction is not done by the control system manufacturers, calibration technology is not bundled with the control system, point by point correction of the real necessary conditions are: 1, to achieve point by point correction of the control system. 2, high precision, high efficiency lamp point brightness collection equipment.