LED Display Quality Is Good Or Bad To See That Factor?

- Aug 18, 2017-

1, the mask, the problem of the mask mask the color and consistency of the direct impact of the display led display, if the ink is good, led light quality is good, basically shows that there is not much problem.

2, outdoor display waterproof treatment to see whether the machine is filling or artificial irrigation plastic, glue is good or bad, the ratio of the ratio of plastic.

3, the thickness of the box of metal, the box is done with the manufacturers to do the structure of the cabinet structure has a relationship, the structure is done, easy installation, the other heat will be better.

4, circuit board circuit board manufacturers more, Shenzhen is the gathering of electronic products, procurement of raw materials this piece is very fast, the circuit board is divided into two layers and four boards, the impact of circuit board quality is the internal circuit of the circuit board , The thickness of the conductor to reach the standard thickness to 1ns or more, because the use of the display in the process of temperature rise and lower, if the conductor is thin and easy to use in the process of welding, this will cause a large area of quality problem.

5, brightness, not the brightness of the brighter the better, because the high current can increase the brightness of LED lights, but this will affect the life of LED lights, what about the LED display business opportunities is to start to adjust the brightness of LED, let you see Yes, but generally less than a year can not be used. So the most important thing is to see the brightness of uniformity, uniformity refers to the brightness are almost looked very soft, you can change some of the angle in the case of light to see the brightness of the uneven evaluation of a very dirty feeling, Just want to wipe clean the same.