Led Display Installation

- Aug 18, 2017-

Ordinary mount. Applicable to the total weight of the screen body is less than 50kg single-box display, can be directly hung on the load-bearing walls, no need to reserve maintenance space, the display box with a positive maintenance design, maintenance will be opened from the bottom of the screen can be opened.

Column mounted. The mounting is suitable for the installation of the LED display on the ground, and the outdoor screen is mounted on the column. Columns are divided into single columns and double columns, in addition to the need to make screen steel structure, the need to produce concrete or steel column, the main consideration of the basic geological conditions.

Seat. The seat structure is built on the ground with a concrete structure to support the entire wall of the LED display wall, the construction of steel structure on the wall to install the display, the steel structure reserved 800mm maintenance space, place the relevant equipment and maintenance facilities.

Inlaid. The inlay structure is suitable for the display project which has been included in the planning and design of the building. The installation space of the display screen should be reserved in the construction of the civil project. The actual installation should only make the display steel structure. The display will be embedded in the building wall In the face, the back left enough maintenance space.

Rack mounted. Applicable to the general outdoor display, taking into account the difficulty of the display maintenance, in the screen between the wall and the use of steel structure support, set aside 800mm of maintenance space, space equipped with road, ladder and other maintenance facilities, Electric cabinets, air conditioning, axial fans, lighting and other auxiliary equipment.