Led Display Does Not Show How To Do

- Aug 18, 2017-

1, open the chassis, check the control card on whether there is a short circuit.

2, check the software parameters and installation engineers to the same.

3, check whether the serial port is connected, the communication line is broken place.

4, check the LED display screen power supply situation, with a test pen or multimeter to detect the switch connection with the electrical side of whether there is electricity. Whether the switch has a problem, or check if the line is disconnected.

5, and the computer synchronization display, first check whether the computer into the dormant state; if you enter the sleep, first enter the control panel, click on the power management, the system wait and close the monitor option option never selected, so that the computer will not sleep , The display can work properly; if you do not enter the sleep, you can open the chassis, see the control card and communication cable is plugged firmly, check the communication cable is broken.

6, check the software display position and screen size of the parameters, whether to install the engineer to the same. If you do not know the parameters, you can first look at the screen on the length and width of the pixels, when the screen size is determined, look at the screen on the display area how much difference, and then back to the computer to adjust until the location of anastomosis until.