LED Display Development Features

- Aug 18, 2017-

1, the appearance and structure of more emphasis on industrial design: rental screen business from the practical like to focus on design, taking into account the appearance and user-friendly experience.

2, clarity is getting higher and higher: the current market, the main trend of the use of LED main screen is to develop high-precision. Brightness requirements can be debugged, the control system requires uniformity for use and control in place.

3, versatility enhancements: when the main screen, color screen and floor tile screen, a screen is a multi-purpose development direction, that is to enhance the versatility of product features is the future development of such products such as market trends.

4, fast installation, security: accessories and cable types to be less, easy to identify, to achieve rapid product fast, accurate installation; assembly mechanism also has a self-locking function to eliminate the risk of misuse.

5, cross-lease: correction data can be loaded in the receiving card and module, the replacement module and the receiver card that is installed, without correction, to meet the cross-leasing is the use of mixed use of the box needs. In addition, the control system should also better meet the compatibility of different batches of products.

6, thin through: new materials such as carbon fiber, magnesium alloy, polymer nano materials used gradually wider, lighter and thinner box. 500 * 500 single box weight can be done less than 8KG, light and easy to install, take up space is small, save the stage space and transport box space; another color screen light transmission rate, the sound of the sound without hindrance.