LED Display Control Method, Simple And Effective Way To Control Several LED Display

- Aug 18, 2017-

RF wireless control; works: one end of the RF module connected to the control computer, the other end connected to the control card serial port, the computer installed driver, resulting in a virtual serial port, and through this serial port to send data. Features: easy installation and commissioning, data transmission distance of up to 300-1000 meters, the late use without cost. Required equipment: RF send, accept module. Support one-to-many transmission, that is, a sending module for multiple receiving modules. Disadvantages: radio frequency band, the state allows the civilian not much, 433MHZ this batch, extremely vulnerable to signal interference, and this way the transmission rate is not very low, the baud rate can only be used 4800 or 9600, is not recommended.

 WIFI wireless control; working principle: through the installation of wireless routers or other wireless devices, and the user's original wireless network bridge, set up a wireless LAN, easy to network control card into the wireless network, the wireless network control. Features: no wiring, easy installation and commissioning, data transmission speed. Disadvantages: communication distance depends mainly on the bridge's gain capability, wireless routing communication distance is relatively short, wall signal is weak or no signal. Suitable for short-range wireless signals. If your area of the screen where there is a wireless signal coverage, it is more simple, and only need to display the wireless card connected to the control card connected to your wireless network, you can in the network any computer On the control of the display.

GPRS wireless control; working principle: GPRS module power to complete the process of dial-up Internet access, connected to the data center server, the client through the client software to access the server, the server for information forwarding. Features: easy installation and commissioning, there is no distance limit, as long as there is a mobile phone signal where you can receive information. Disadvantages: GPRS module need to install a mobile phone card to dial the Internet, the monthly will have a certain traffic costs. By the GPRS bandwidth limit, the transmission rate is slightly slower, so that is more suitable for single and double color main play text LED display.