LED Display Applications

- Aug 18, 2017-

1, road traffic information display. The emergence of intelligent efficiency system, in the city effect, highways and other fields, LED traffic screen display as a variable intelligence board speed limit signs, etc., have been widely used.

2, the stadium information display. LED display as the game information display and live broadcast of the main means has replaced the traditional lighting and CRT display, in the modern sports venues to become the necessary competition facilities.

3, advertising media new products. In addition to a single large indoor and outdoor LED display as advertising media, the cluster LED display advertising system, train LED advertising display system has also been adopted and is being promoted.

4, port, station passenger guide information display. It is an important content of the development and transformation of the domestic railway station and the port technology, which is composed of the information system and the broadcasting system with the LED display as the main body, the train to the revealing system and the ticketing information system.

5, exhibition, LED display large screen as an exhibition organizer to provide one of the important services to provide paid services to exhibitors, there are some large foreign LED display professional leasing companies, there are some large The manufacturer provides rental services. Studio, monitoring room. Now in the radio and television studio, security monitoring room, LED display also plays a very important role.