Glass Wall LED Display Several Major Applications Of The Relevant Areas

- Aug 18, 2017-

1. Building glass curtain wall

Conventional LED display due to weight, permeability and aesthetic constraints, can not be used in a large area of the glass curtain wall, and LED glass curtain wall screen can be a perfect solution, because the LED transparent display with high permeability, ultra-thin features, In the field of architectural media has obvious technical advantages, is a new blue ocean field. This area includes such as commercial buildings, large shopping malls, car 4S shop and other glass curtain wall occasions, LED display manufacturers.

2. Brand chain stores

LED curtain wall screen to solve the window ads can not be digital display of the problem. Let the window from the traditional single plane in the liberation of advertising, advertising more flexible form, the store image more vivid, so that consumers and shops have a deeper level of information exchange interaction.

3. Commercial stores

Commercial stores are large places, transparent display display cool display, and high permeability, high stability, so that after the installation will not affect the original architectural style and indoor lighting and watch the line of sight, but also from To the role of glass building, to enhance its commercial value, play a good advertising effect.

 4. sky landscape

Daytime translucent visual effects, good lighting can watch the blue sky and white clouds; night, you can play magnificent video. Accompanied by a wonderful sound effects, to bring people to shock the visual feast. Flexible structure design, can achieve a variety of surface modeling. High permeability through the installation, not the same structure of the sky, it is immersive.