Do You Know The LED Display Energy Saving Program?

- Aug 18, 2017-

Power supply

LED energy-saving display is mainly from the power supply on the start, in the existing LED display directly on the half-bridge or full-bridge high-efficiency switching power supply, coupled with synchronous rectification energy-saving effect is remarkable. To the driver IC constant current state as much as possible to reduce the power supply voltage, through the red, green and blue of the separate power supply to achieve a better energy-saving effect.

Strong convection heat rejection system, so that the cooling system is stable

LED display after a long period of time will release more heat, if not timely distribution of heat, will cause a certain degree of damage to the screen, affecting the normal use of the screen. In order to ensure that the display in a stable environment under normal operation, so strengthen the LED display cooling system is necessary. After some researchers on the display cooling system research, developed a strong convection heat rejection system, the use of aluminum heat conduction effect, so that LED display cooling system more stable.

Design brightness adjustment device

The use of different weather conditions, the brightness is different, in order to allow the LED display to achieve the best display, neither too bright or dark, LED display specifically designed brightness 256 level adjustment device and according to the surrounding environment automatically adjust the brightness Of the function, you can ensure that the LED display in a variety of external brightness environment for the audience can show the best color display.

Improve energy efficiency

Improve energy efficiency, the most effective energy solution. The rising demand for energy in the world and the depletion of natural resources have posed new challenges to energy suppliers, industrial enterprises and consumers, and the use of energy as efficiently and sustainably as possible is a top priority. Energy efficiency has an impact on all types of energy conversion: efficient generation, delivery and distribution of electricity and heat, efficient use of energy to industry, buildings and transportation, all-encompassing. The existing advanced technology has brought us tremendous energy saving potential.