Viscom dusseldorf 2019,DHX company booth B43

- Apr 09, 2018-

Viscom dusseldorf 2019,DHX company booth B43

Range of exhibition:

l Digital inkjet equipment and supplies: printers, flatbed printers, screen printers, special printers, 3D printers and consumables, image photo equipment, packaging equipment, plastic packaging equipment (laminators, laminators, punching machines, etc. ), inkjet photo media (printing cloth, light box cloth, canvas, reflective material, body paste, single membrane, stickers, photo paper,), inkjet printing supplies (ink, cartridges, ink cartridges, etc.)

l Signage equipment and supplies: carving and cutting equipment, cutting plotters, banner machines, blister machines, bending machines, card manufacturing equipment, bending machines, etc., PVC plates, aluminum-plastic panels, cardboard, acrylics Plate acrylic production equipment,

l Exhibition and exhibition equipment: (including roll-ups, X display racks, flags, data racks, file racks, three sides, multiple sides, display cases, promotional stands, shelves, display of selling points), flags, inflatable models, signage, traffic warnings and Safety Signage, Advertising Vehicles, Signage and Signage Systems, Large Format Graphics, Printed Goods, Advertising Gifts, Promotional Items, Stamps, Labels, Digital Marketing, Digital Storage Technology, Interactive Media Presentation Technology, Interactive Media Presentation Technology, Visual Marketing Technology,

l Digital signage products: POS advertising products, Digital Signage, touch screens, video equipment, printing systems, film, film and television advertising production equipment. Illuminated signs (neon lights, resin letters, rolling light boxes, ultra-thin light boxes and other light boxes, LED outdoor billboards, LED letters, LED point lights and special light sources, LED displays), multimedia displays, LCD displays, monitors, Large screen, projector

l Services and agencies: inkjet services, detail services, special effects printing, agencies, creative concept agencies, multimedia agencies, digital and mobile marketing, mail services, network printing, finance and insurance