Large LED Video Display Board Signs

Model: P4-indoor fixed-64x32 · High Stability, Rich Content · High refresh rate, high resolution · Super-wide view angle · Module Size: 256mm*128mm · Cabinet Size: customized · Environmental-friendly and energy saving The Features of Indoor P 4 LED Module: 1. High Stability: Use high quality...

Product Details

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Model: P4-indoor fixed-64x32

·High Stability, Rich Content

·High refresh rate, high resolution

·Super-wide view angle

·Module Size: 256mm*128mm

·Cabinet Size: customized

·Environmental-friendly and energy saving

The Features of Indoor P4 LED Module:

1. High Stability:Use high quality components and parts and sophisticated processing technique. Products with stable quality, high reliability and long life span.

2. Rich Content:It can show text, chart, graphic, cartoon, video and so on.

3. High Refresh Rate:Adopt MBI5124 drive IC (Standard Configuration). The refresh rate can be as high as 1920Hz, which can eliminate ghost effect effectively. For rental led display, we prefer to adopt the MBI5252/ MBI5153 driver IC, the refresh rate can achieve 3840Hz.The graphics are stable with no wave or black screen. Video pictures are fine and smooth with clear edges. It has good dynamic expressiveness which can show the graphic information exactly/vividly and brings you perfect visual enjoyment.

4. High Resolution:Adopt high pixel density display unit with micro pitch, which can joint the boards together in any direction, any size and any shape to easily produce FHD, 4k big screen.

5. Superior Consistency Coupled with Low Brightness and High Gray:Adopt high quality black LED lamp with black cover. The contrast can be as high as 3000:1. Pictures are fine and clear with vivid color.

6. Super-wide view angle:140°view angle and consistent display effect at multi direction , no mosaic phenomenon.

7. Advanced control system:Prefer adopting advanced and stable Nova Star control system, with the best led display control system, the most advanced pixel-level led display calibration system and the most professional software for specialized applications.

8. LED Single-lamp maintenance with low cost.

9. Environmental-friendly and energy-saving.

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