P4 Led Video Screen

VISCOM DüSSELDORF 2019,DHX company will show p4 led video screen,led video screen,P4 video screen in this exhibition.

Product Details

P4 led video screen

P4 video screen
P4 video screen
P4 video screen

Lighting pole advertising LED display specially designed for outdoor lighting installation. The cabinet has unique appearance design, modelling is novel and attractive 

led video screen

High Shock Grade

High shock grade, the collision does not affect the normal play

Super Slim & Fashion

Ultra-thin and fashion designs

Loop Playback

Recycled playback video files

Automatic Startup and Shutdown

Automatic startup and shutdown,every day all the year round without artificial maintenance


Optional  Size 
Pixel Pitch
3.91 mm
4 mm
4.81 mm
5 mm
6 mm
8 mm
Pixel Density(sqm)
65536 dot
62500 dot
43264 dot
40000 dot
27777 dot
15625 dot
Module Size(mm)
Module Resolution
64×64 dot
64×32 dot
52×52 dot
32×32 dot
32×32 dot
48×24 dot
Cabinet Size(mm)
Cabinet Weight
60 kg
60 kg
60 kg
60 kg
60 kg
90 kg
IP Rating (front/back )
IP 65/43
≥5000 cd/sqm
View Angle
Gray Scale
13 bit
Refresh Frequency
≥1920 Hz
Operating Power
AC 100~240V 50/60Hz
Operating Temperature
Operating Life

How to Select a Led Display

Location-indoor,outdoor or semi-outdoor
Location is the most important factors for selecting the correct LED display.Different type of location such as rooftop,large billboards and stage backdrops or requires front access for servicing will require different led cabinets and modules.

Size,Shape and Pitch

Size:Once you have measured the height, width and depth of the space and availability, then you want to make sure the selected LED size (and number of cabinets, height, width & depth) can be accommodated.
Shape:determines if curve or column or flat screens are required.
Pitch:determines the contents of the display and the range of viewing.

LED Facing Direction
Outdoor LEDs facing east or direct west sunlight will require higher lamination than those facing north or south. The larger outdoor billboards and configurations must be equipped with automatic light sensors to automatically adjust brightness in reaction to sunlight and cloud covers.

Selecting Your LED Supplier

A reliable and high quality LED display can introduce your business to your market and clients, changes your message in time to deliver timely information and helps inspire and build your customers trust in your organisation, products and services. Following is a list of key factors to consider;
Manufacturer and Manufacturer’s qualification and expertise
Manufacturer’s investment in technology,design and development
Manufacturer’s commitment to design,manufacturing and support
Manufacturer’s technology partners
Qualified and Certified local re-sellers network