P3 Led Banner Poster

VISCOM DüSSELDORF 2019,DHX company will show p3 led banner poster,led banner poster,P3 banner poster in this exhibition.

Product Details

P3 led banner poster

Product Description



1, high pixel, vivid and vivid color, pure color.
2, flatness is good, the screen is uniform, pleasing.
3, high gray level, high refresh, studio video effects quality realistic.
4, safety performance structure, enhanced design is not easy to deformation.
5, large-angle imaging display technology, to meet the wide range of angle viewing without color cast.
6, can be front, back design and maintenance, light and quick, easy maintenance.
7. Three-in-one surface stickers provide a wider viewing angle and adapt to closer viewing distances.

8.The viewing angle is large, the horizontal viewing angle can reach more than 150 degrees, the vertical viewing angle can reach 120 degrees;Any angle within this range, the image is not Deformation, not color cast.

Detail Technology P3 led banner poster

Pixel pitch3mm
LED SizeSMD2121
Best viewing distance≥3m
Horizontal viewing angle140º
Viewing angle140º
Driving method1/32 scan
Refresh rate≥1920Hz(Max 3840Hz)
IP gradeIP43
Display size576mm(W) *1920mm(H)* 40mm(D)
Display resolution192*640 dots
Gross weight35kg
Cabinet materialsAluminum
Max power consumption750W
Avg power consumption250W
Input voltageAC110/220 ±10%
Storage temperature—40°C~65°C
Working temperature—20°C~55°C 
MTBF≥10,000 hours
Life span≥100,000hours
Consignal inputHDMI / USB / RJ45
Control methodLAN / WIFI / 3G / 4G(Optional)
Control systemAsychronous / Sychronous
Specification might be slight different based on different components



Other available size
TypePixel pitchSizeResolutionGross weight
Indoor2mm512mm(W) *1536mm(H)* 40mm(D)256*768 dots25kg
Indoor2.5mm640mm(W) *1920mm(H)* 40mm(D)256*768 dots35kg
Indoor2.571mm576mm(W) *1944mm(H)* 40mm(D)224*756 dots35kg
Indoor3mm576mm(W) *1920mm(H)* 40mm(D)192*640 dots35kg
Indoor4mm512mm(W) *1536mm(H)* 40mm(D)128*384 dots25kg
Outdoor3mm576mm(W) *1920mm(H)* 40mm(D)192*640 dots42kg
Size can be customized, please consult us for further information

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