High Resolution Video LED Moving Display

Model: P1.875-indoor HD-128*64 · High quality package lamp leads · Low light, High gray · High contrast, high refresh rate · Module Size: 240mm*120mm · Cabinet Size: 480mm*480mm · Ultra-fast response speed Quick Details: · 1. P1. 875 mm pixel rgb, hd, big density, very bright · 2. 2 years'...

Product Details

Model: P1.875-indoor HD-128*641.8.jpg

·High quality package lamp leads

·Low light, High gray

·High contrast, high refresh rate

·Module Size: 240mm*120mm

·Cabinet Size: 480mm*480mm

·Ultra-fast response speed

Quick Details:

·1.P1.875 mm pixel rgb, hd, big density, very bright

·2. 2 years' warranty for entire screen.

·3. On-site professional service.

·4. Hotline service, fast response.

·5. Adequate spare parts supply.

·6. Regular maintenance service.

·7. Technical support on upgrades and replacement.

Function and Technology Character:

·1. Multiform file formats, such as VGA, Video, AVI, MOV, MPG, DAT, VOB and so on are comprehensive.

·2. Information source can be camera, video, VCD, DVD, LD, TV and so on.

·3. Brightness, contrast, saturation can be adjusted by itself and manual.

·4. Clear picture without flicker and distortion.

·5. Show everything with your PC does synchronously.

·6. Super correcting technology for distortion.

·7. One interface for sound signal and two for video signal at least.

·8. Connected and controlled by PC via Lan and remote control.

·9. Multiform language editions, such as English, French, Germany, Greek, Russian and so on

Application and function:

Suit for advertisement, stage, stadium, exhibition, TV-Show, mansion video wall, shopping mall, banks, schools, bus station, airport, gym, market, factories, monitoring centers, hospitals, bars etc.

·1. Video display for advertisement

·2. Live broadcast for news, sport, concert…

·3. Stage background

·4. Information display for time, schedule, text

·5. Dynamic display for logo, text, video

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