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Model: P8-outdoor front service led display · High resolution with nice video effect · High definition, seamless and flatness · High definition, good uniformity · Module Size: 256mm*128mm · Cabinet Size: customized · Widely advertising used Outdoor Front Opening led display screen Product...

Product Details

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Model:P8-outdoor front service led display

·High resolution with nice video effect

·High definition, seamless and flatness

·High definition, good uniformity

·Module Size: 256mm*128mm

·Cabinet Size: customized

·Widely advertising used

Outdoor Front Opening led display screen Product Features:

1. High resolution 15625pixels/sqm, HD nice video advertising effect.
2. SMD 3-in-1 LED encapsulation confirm the high brightness, high definition, seamless and flatness
3. Good protection level waterproof IP65, anti-corrosion, oxidation resistance, long life span
4. Wide viewing distance, high definition, good uniformity
5. Brightness can be adjusted automatically according to different surroundings by led software
6. Can be set to open and close the screen automatically by led card
7. Can be mounted on the wall, by pole support on the street, on top of building, etc
8. Support all types of video, graphics, animation, message, etc, support PC online or offline control, also can remote control with asynchronous system, or Wifi control, 3G control.
9. Widely used for outdoor commercial advertising, shopping mall advertising, stage rental, traffic advertising, mobile truck advertising, sports stadium advertising etc.

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